Previous projects have included location recording of full bands to solo performers, sound design and editing, voice over production, noise reduction, interactive art installations, with work showcased at The Victoria and Albert Museum and New York Fashion Week.

DougSR has provided UK touring front of house mixing and live recording as well as working on conference radio stations providing studio installation, networked security CCTV and alarm system, outside broadcast transmission and set up as well as studio operation.

DougSR has repaired and manufactured a range of audio and video equipment ranging from cables, guitars, backline amplifiers, preamps, projectors and other AV equipment.

Graphics work has spanned shop sign, poster, web and logo design. Logos and graphics have been used on commercial radio station websites, house-of-worship websites, gaming websites, shop signage as well as poster design for One Direction concerts.

Below are a couple of examples of recent work.

Digital Pianola

A modern take on the mechanical pianola design, allowing the user to compose a piece of music by punching out holes from a reel of paper which is then passed through a sensor array, triggering a sampler.
DougSR created the sound design, arduino coding and a custom Logic environment which was triggering EXS24 samplers containing over 500 samples which evolved slowly over time.

Jack Harrison – Rylynn

Location video and audio recording as well as colour correction and grading for a solo guitar piece.